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About publishing group RAABE

The word “RAABE” - complex to pronounce actually comes from the family name of Dr Josef Raabe who in 1964 takes over the publishing of the German university publication (DUZ). In 1979 the publishing company Ernst Klet buys the magazine. In the middle of the 80s starts the development of the modern publishing group for specialized information RAABE, which puts into practice different methodology for product development, taking into consideration the needs of distinctly defined groups of clients.

With its magazines, guides with replaceable pages, information bulletins and electronic products Raabe assists various consumer groups of professionals with practical information and clear solutions to the problems.
The special power of the products of Raabe is guaranteed quality which is provided by continual service and information flow, oriented to the specific benefit for the client.

The company continues the good tradition of publishing group KLET and wins the recognition of a symbol of high quality information service. Today, specialized information publications under the name RAABE are issued not only in Stuttgart, but in Berlin, Budapest, Warsaw, Bratislava, Prague, Bucharest, Sofia and Annecy as well. In collaboration with our partners and celebrated publishing houses we serve specific groups of professionals in Austria and Switzerland. Every country strictly follows the approved quality criteria and answers the specific needs of the local specialists.

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